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Quality over quantity

Too many locums firms practice healthcare recruiting like fast food. But who wants a whole lot of mediocre choices? We curate and deliver to you only the best assignments.

Specialists deserve a specialist

Many locum tenens recruiting firms are subsidiaries of larger staffing agencies. Their approach to healthcare is no different than how they recruit accountants or graphic designers. To them, you’re just a commodity. Our practice and passion are focused exclusively on locums healthcare.

Opportunities that match who you are

Our proprietary Candidate Synopsis ensures that we understand what makes you unique, both as a provider and as a person. We consider everything to give you rewarding assignments time after time.

Flexible process

Practicing locums is all about variety and flexibility. That’s why our placement process adapts to suit each candidate. We respect your ambition by prioritizing your unique preferences and practice goals.


Providers trust us to put their talent to good use.

Had the good fortune of being contacted recently by Gina from The Talent Society, and my experience with her has been nothing but the best. As a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician dedicated exclusively to provide coverage as a Locum Tenens Hospitalist, I’m in need of seriousness & transparency from the agencies I’m dealing with, and that’s exactly what The Talent Society has been able to deliver. In a environment in which placement agencies are proliferating, The Talent Society is outshining most of the rest.

Dr. Oscar B.


The Talent Society was great to work with. I was new to locums work and they walked me through the process. Teddy is very responsive and answers emails and texts quickly and accurately. Within a few days of my initial conversation with the Talent Society, I was set up with my first gig which was described accurately. In my first few days, Teddy went out of his way to check in with me to make sure things were going well. This level of customer service is far beyond that of any of the other locums companies that I reached out to.

Dr. Louis S.


The Talent Society is very easy to work with. I truly appreciate their personal kindness and genuine compassion toward me.

Dr Rose J

Pulmonary Critical Care Physician

The Talent Society negotiates the best contracts and compensation. They ensure that everything is arranged–flights, rental car, lodging, even preferred shifts. They enable providers to focus on quality of care.

Dr John B

Emergency Medicine

I love working with the Talent Society especially working with Teddy. He is very easy to communicate with as well as friendly and professional. By far the best Locums that I have worked with thus far. Payments are always on time which is very important.

Dr. Tony P.


My experience with The Talent Society has been great. The staff has been available and supportive with each locum assignment. I recommend my colleagues interested in locum assignments to connect with The Talent Society.

Dr. Issac V.

Urgent Care

1-Getting vetted for any medical position in Illinois is complex—Talent Society [TS] navigated the bureaucratic shoals of this process with reasonable dispatch. The vetting process was slightly longer than usual but I understand that OSF is extremely particular about accepting professional staff. 2-Availability and response time- extremely timely and when there was an issue a few days ago regarding direct billing for my accommodations. an email to TEDDY got the problem resolved within 15 minutes and this was on a Sunday evening. High Marks. 3-Payment- timely and most satisfying that every time a payment was made, an email message to me was generated so I could verify it with my bank. 4-Finally, there never has been excuses, just resolving issues I am very pleased to be working with you

Dr. Michael S.


I have worked with The Talent Society for almost four years on a regular, recurring locum tenens assignment in addition to my full-time practice. The Talent Society’s credentialing process is very accommodating, efficient, and streamlined. They provide flexible scheduling, detailed travel itineraries, and comfortable accommodations. Reporting of hours and expenses is simplified and straightforward. Payment for coverage services is prompt and timely and always by direct deposit. Throughout the process, I have worked very closely with Teddy Furlow and Sarah Sebesta and have enjoyed their support of my coverage assignments. I look very forward to continuing to work closely with The Talent Society in the coming years.

Dr. Shyam B.

Interventional Cardiology

Unforgettable 2020: The year of COVID19 Pandemic. I was one of the first front line workers in March 2020 when no one knew much about the SARS COV 2. I had to deal with my own mortality and morbidity, my fears, but I continued to perform diligently as a Hospitalist. Imagine our despair when in January 2021 we were told during an administrative meeting that the Hospital was suffering financially post COVID and that shifts were going to be pared and Physicians furloughed. Thankfully, I received an email from the Talent Society and was very lucky to connect with Kevin Nguyen. Throughout this process, Kevin has been very compassionate and supportive. He was quick to respond to my texts and Emails. He even remembered to call me on my Birthday. Someone once told me, “Go where you are needed not where you are not wanted.” I would highly recommend The Talent Society as your valued resource for Locums opportunities. Thank you Kevin Nguyen and the Talent Society.

Dr. Raymatie S.

Interventional Cardiology

It has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Teddy Furlow and his staff at The Talent Society for the past few years. After retiring from a job for the past 24 years, it was a pleasant to be able to find someone who was able to offer occasional locums opportunities with two of my previous employers. (Accidental or intentional?) Mr. Furlow listened to my needs, concerns, current availability, and desires for work. He heard my concerns about hoping my “joints” would survive certain shifts of certain types of work. (I had recently had a knee replacement.) He did not burden or bother me with repeated calls, texts, or emails. Perhaps most importantly, he seems to care about the persons to whom he is offering job slots. I remember hearing the sensitivity and concern in his voice last spring, early in the COVID-19 lockdown, when he had to call and give me the news that one of the patients I had seen the previous day had been diagnosed with COVID. We discussed appropriate “next steps” together. Lastly, if someone seeking locums opportunities has limited availability, as I do, Mr. Furlow is sensitive to their special needs. The office support staff is very pleasant and helpful in answering questions and in meeting special needs or requests that one might have in a timely manner.

Dr. Joanne W.

Family Medicine

I’ve had a great experience working with the Talent Society. Working in a completely different hospital system can be stressful, but the transition was made easy because of the friendly and helpful staff. They provided travel, accommodations, and everything else I needed to do my job. The team seems to care a lot about their doctors and will check in on you frequently. Any issues I had were dealt with promptly.

Dr. Mike A.

Emergency Medicine

I, Dr Yanela Duenas Milian knew about the Talent Society on 12/15/2020 through a colleague who also works with the agency. I contacted Gina Reyna over the phone and had a good experience talking to her about the job they do and how they were recruiting doctors in an emergency fashion to help with the Covid 19 pandemic in Shannon Hospital in San Angelo, Texas and in another hospital in El Paso, Texas. I started working with Gina, who became my recruiter and sent me to Shannon Memorial Hospital. My experience with the hospital, with Gina and everybody else from the Talent Society who is facilitating my work has been magnificent! I’m very pleased to work with the Talent Society and will like to continue working with the agency long term.

Dr. Yanela D.


I am writing this as my feedback of working with Gina Reyna and her team at Talent Society. Despite the uncertainties and unpredictable challenges due to the pandemic, Gina and her team were very organized and proactive with communications and adjustments necessary to accommodate such challenges. I appreciate what they are doing in helping staff facilities that needs help.

Dr. Zia S.


I have been working with Talent for the past 5 months. The staff has been friendly, personal, and listen to my needs/goals and do everything they can to help. There are other companies in competition with Talent that I have spoken to, have worked with the docs that come from those agencies, and Talent is superior in every way.

Dr. Matt C.

Emergency Medicine

If you were to ask me what my experience with The Talent Society has been, In short just outstanding! I say this as someone who has seen a lot of different recruiting agencies over the decades. I can also say proudly TTS is by far my favorite, most trusted, highly professional, and creditable I have work for. Kevin and Shannon for instance are friendly people, truly amazing associates who expedited my travel and assignment from beginning to endThey accomplished it by using their marvelous communication skills and no personal rest till all the tasks were completed. I just loved it! Took extra time to understand all my needs would recommend TTS to all my colleagues.

Dr. Mikhail B.

Emergency Medicine

The Talent Society helped me to provide assistance to a hospital in need of COVID coverage. They made the credentialing and on-boarding process efficient and took care of all my needs. It was a great experience overall.

Dr. David R.

Infectious Disease

I would highly recommend The Talent Society. I was looking for locum work to supplement my current clinic practice. I was offered many jobs by many agents which was overwhelming. Teddy with The Talent Society took time to listen to me and figure out what would suit my needs. He was very patient and efficient, not rushing me to sign something I would not like. He got me a great locum position and I enjoyed my work there. I would recommend him to my friends and colleagues looking for positions. The consultants at The Talent Society are so easy to work with. They understand exactly what I need and provided me with a minimum of fuss and time. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the consultants at The Talent Society and would certainly use them again for any future vacancies that I might have.

Dr. Cedric D.


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