It’s about the people.

For us, making locum tenens about the people means advocating for the facilities and healers who help us all through our worst and best days.

How we help Facilities:

We pre-verify our candidates’ privileges, credentials and state licenses as well as conduct rigorous background checks.

We give you quick access to world-class providers, so your facility can always deliver great care with shorter wait times.

We give you the simplicity of one point of contact, instead of being inundated by different recruiters for each specialty.

How we help Providers:

We help you design a unique career path that hones your skills through varied practice experiences.

Our vast network of opportunities lets you practice in your favorite U.S. locations–and discover new ones.

You will have your own Talent Society agent who ensures that every placement respects and rewards your abilities.

Why are we named The Talent Society?

When you have high standards, you try to surround yourself with people who share them. That’s what defines a strong society—values and standards that inspire the best from every member.

We’re called The Talent Society because this is how we serve facilities and providers. We give them an ownership stake in our business by giving them the power to change our process to suit their needs.

Let your high standards be our business model. Be part of The Talent Society.

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